Carnival School

Platform of Development, Research and Production of Carnival

Carnival is a great show that colors the streets of our country every year. There are thousands of professionals involved, who work year-round in an intense process of creation and production to bring breathtaking costumes and allegories to the parade.

In 2005, the association created a Carnival School Platform: a space of education, research, reflection, production and enhancement of Carnival culture in Brazil. The platform emerged from the need of developing artistic and educational programs for training in areas of management, creation and production of their parades.

The principle of the Carnival School is the contact with various forms of art and different cultures, transforming the samba factory and headquarters into interactive spaces and of exchange of ideas. Thus, courses, workshops and different cultural visitation spaces are offered, such as: exhibitions, musical shows, theatrical presentations and contact with carnival professionals and the entertainment market.

Inserted in the context of education, Pimpolhos developed the Ludic Pedagogical methodology. A methodology that values and thinks the Carnival as a great show, cultural, synthesis and symbol of Brazilian national identity, articulating the artistic aspects of this manifestation in the proposition of educational activities.

Welcome to our space for research, execution and enhancement of carnival.

Here we stimulate the collective and collaborative work. Cheers to exchanging ideas!

Beyond graduating a professional, we want to train a citizen and develop its critical sense through art.

Center of Educational Actions

The CEA - Center of Educational Actions - was created in 2016 with the intention of restructuring its organizational chart, reformulating its sectors and departments where, from it, all the social-cultural actions of the association were developed: the Sector of expansion and human value are responsible for partnerships with educational institutions such as courses, university, dance academy among others, creating opportunity of scholarship for the participants. The Sector of pedagogical logistics maintains the structure of the courses and workshops and gives support to teachers and students. The Sector of cultural activities is responsible for carrying out tours, contact with show producers of theater, dance and expositions, among others. The Carnival department is responsible for organizing the Pimpolhos Carnival, as well as the construction of the storyline, samba, rehearsals and parade.


Carnival School Workshops

On the headquarters of the Grande Rio Samba School, in Duque de Caxias, is the meeting space of the community and where the carnival parade rehearsals are held. In order to strengthen our community and the residents of neighborhoods and neighboring municipalities, the carnival school structured several artistic workshops to contemplate public of various ages, children, teenagers and adults, such as: arts, school reinforcement, musical initiation, cavaquinho, reading and writing, makeup, afro dance, theater, master of ceremony and flag bearer, capoeira, street dance and percussion.

Workshops take place throughout the year allowing participants to broaden and complement their artistic and cultural training. The activities include a multiplicity of audiences, being able, therefore, to assist parents and guardians who wish to get in contact or to improve artistic techniques and through them enter the labor market of culture, carnival and entertainment. In this way, knowing new ways of undertaking, generate income, and improve self-esteem and family life.


Allegory, costume and cultural production courses

In the neighborhood of Santo Cristo, Rio de Janeiro, the Pimpolhos samba factory is located, space of creation and production of our carnival parade. It is in this environment that the Carnival School is held with the allegory, costume and cultural production courses. The main objective is to show all creation processes of a samba school parade, from its conception to the final product on the avenue, in addition to the steps of planning the operation, integrating the pre-production, production and post-production phases.

During the course period, lectures and external classes are also offered with different researchers and specialists in the area of management, production and arts related to carnival. The participants learn the practice of making carnival by diving into costumes, sequin, floats, spreadsheets, sketch and all the magic of a factory.


Since its creation more than thousands of people have been through the Carnival School Platform, and today, many generate income through participation in artistic productions inside and outside of this great popular party. Our main objective is to build a citizen training, developing the critical sense through art, stimulating collective and collaborative work, working on your community's self-esteem and make it look at its story to build its future.



Courses and Workshops


Scholarship Program

  • 12
    years of project
  • 1000+
  • Participants: Youth and Adults from 15 to 65 years old
  • Classes with professionals of the Carnival market
  • Various partnerships with companies and institutions already held
  • Scholarships for participants