2017 Carnival

100 Years of Samba!

Pimpolhos de Bamba

Come embark in this popular party,
What was samba there became samba here.
Good winds brought new union ties,
The phone rang gave wings to the imagination.
This magic not even time erased.
Get in the circle spreading love,
Oh… Aunt Ciata called.
Come to the yard
These people like to party (BIS)
Play the jongo beat
Today I’ll go all the way
Don’t let the samba die,
Respect how far we’ve come,
Today there’s tititi in the Sapucaí,
Come to Caxias, Pimpolhos de bamba
All applaud our samba school.
The elder man has thought us
I am the singer not the puller
One hundred years of glory, let’s sing
Beat the drums, today we have Alujá (BIS)
From Bahia comes Agueré
Without prejudice I take the Axé.

Heating up the tambourines and clapping hands. Tune up the deaf drum, spin the skirt and come to the circle. Drumming in the kitchen, place the table, heat up the beans! In the middle of the headquarters, the backyard on inside the samba factory, throw glitter on the costume and become the highlight. Protect the flag, respect the Baianasit’s carnival. High Party, Niggling dance, Samba Storyline, pagode, samba circle, samba raiado, improvised, samba yard, little samba and big samba!

Samba 100 years of history!

Pimpolhos of Grande Rio celebrates the centenary in style!

It was there in the year of 1916, that Ernesto Joaquim Maria dos Santos, better known as Donga, famous samba musician of PraçaOnze! Recorded his entitled samba, PeloTelefone.

This first record marked the history of samba forever; starting from that point then quickly spreading worldwide!

It is with this musical inspiration that we initiate the production of the Carnival2017. Throughout this year, Pimpolhos has been researching and digging deeper into the history of this Brazilian Cultural Heritage. During their latest carnivals, the afro Brazilian themes were addressed in their storylines always seeking to value their culture through education and art, and of course, using the carnival language as the guiding thread of their projects.

The one hundred years are the cross-cutting theme for the development of the art workshops that happens in the headquarters of the Carnival School. Donga, Pixinguinha, Aunt Ciata, Ismael and so many other characters are present in the workshops of paint, drawing, theater, make-up, reading, afro dance and percussion. In addition to the workshops, this thematic is present in lectures, shows and educational proposals that Pimpolhos has been bringing to their parade participants, members and crew in order to always strengthen their community.

For the development of this carnival, instead of a synopses which tells the story that we will see pass in the avenue, the samba storyline will be the inspiration for the artistic construction of the parade: the costumes, floats, props, choreography everything that embraces and cradles this show will come from the lyrics of samba.

Pimpolhos will bring the ancestral strength of samba, its roots, we want to keep writing this history with all the respect and admiration for our past, but always looking to build a better future!!

Let’s samba, come to the terreiro!

Pimpolhos 2016


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