2016 Carnival


From the Land of the Palm Trees to a Multicultural Country

Oh Oh my Brazil with endless beauty
Oh oh it’s a love affair curumim
The song of three races
Roots of this ground
Festivities, rituals
Stories that embraces my people
Sing, dance and move
Little Africa
All together and mixed
Pimpolhos sing Axé (axé)
Look at the jongo, ijexá
To the drumbeat I want to Samba
Look who's coming (land in sight)
There are Portuguese at sea
Men has forgotten their love
And Mother Nature wept
Let's celebrate, everything has changed
For this avenue enchanted me
In the song and dance, perfect beat
Take joy without prejudice
Chest beats, Caxias arrived
Here comes Pimpolhos with her I will go
Turn my samba into a prayer
In a better planet, more education

In a tribe in the heart of Brazil lives Curumim, he loves nature and is always running through the woods and swimming in the seas and rivers. Curumim’s parents are very wise people that deeply understand the nature, when someone in the tribe is sick they look for the family of Curumim so that through herbs and prayers they can heal the illness. In Curumim’s tribe, the knowledge about nature is passed from parents to sons and the children begin to learn very early about the wealth and the magic of Mother Nature.

The tribe of Curumim is called Guarani, all who live there has profound respect and admiration for Mother Nature, they are very conscious people and due to their love relationship with the world, they developed special powers allowing the tribe of Curumim to be invisible so that all of them can live for many years, remaining a child for a long time.

Curumim and his tribe saw when the ships with crosses drawn on their sails arrived in Brazil, they were people very different from what Curumim knew.
They were white with clothes that covered their whole body. Curumim’s parents told him never to approach the ships and those people without using the power of invisibility. They knew they could be very dangerous for Curumim.

The Indian boy was very curious and very interested in knowing who were the visitors and why did they dress that way. Curumim invoked the powers of invisibility and went to see what was happening, he found out that those people came from Portugal, a country that was from a continent called Europe and that they wore clothes because it was very cold there.

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