2015 Carnival

My Kiddo

The image of the child of my Brazil

Composers: Nathália Moratelli, Tiago Castelen, Fabricio Machado, Dandara Vianna, Leonardo Saleiro
Interpreters: Anderson Medina, Ruan Paiva, Chalana Saleiro, Davi Costa, Ramilla Silva

I dreamed, I didn’t believe
I thought the world was only joy
Passion, emotion pure illusion
In adolescence I got lost in fantasy
And yesterday I bred my son
Warrior, barriers I overcome
I loved, was loyal, fought against evil
Not to become a social problem
You can wait, you will get there
Who has faith, never loses hope
A mother's heart is always like this
Love that never ends
A new destiny trailed
Did joy conquer?
Bathed in gold, going up the hill
Wealth, believe in your basket
It is party until dawn
No more suffering, come dance me and you
Of your life
Made a new dawn
We are Pimpolhos, dear school
Changing history, life example
In sapucaí
Pleasure, look at my kiddo

Storyline author: Edmilson Nunes
The Grande Rio Youth Samba School presents, in its 11th year parading in the Marquês de Sapucaí in honor to the classic Brazilian music and the mothers of Brazil, with the storyline “MY KIDDO – THE IMAGE OF THE CHILD OF MY BRAZIL”. A free adaptation of the song Meu Guri (1981) by Chico Buarque de Holanda. The storyline begins by making reference to mothers, women and girls of Brazil. The mother is the narrator in Chico’s work of art. – “When, dear man was born my offspring it was not time for him to burst”. – Innocent or dreamers, warriors of festive. Mother that loves and breastfeeds. Girls-mothers. Girls that cry tears of bright reflective jewelry. Truth or false? That’s the question.

We know come to “MY KIDDO”. Beloved children of my Brazil. Of my world, of my city, of my neighborhood and my street. Beautiful and sad children “He was already born with a hungry face”. Warriors and vivacious “arrives sweated and speedy from his job” .

Dear and affectionate “And always brings a gift to make me blush”. So
Many children, thugs or transgressors, “He brought already me a bag with everything inside, a handkerchief and a bunch of documents for finally I identify myself”. My Kiddo ostentation, pride, Funk, Samba, Pagode with love in the heart, in the tenuous balance of life or between the school and the street, the kite and the pencil, the dream and reason. Between the bow and the lyre, boys with angel wings, always worried about the fuel. If it finishes they fall. Are the wings theirs or the angels? What about the happy ending? If in Chico Buarques work the narrator (mother) it’s taken by illusion “Arrives printed on headlines with photo and blindfold on the eyes, subtitle and name initials I don´t understand these people, dear man Making this entire rampage”.

Pimpolhos of Grande Rio looks at the song in a different way turning this illusion into reality, imagining that the borderline between dream and reality is possible to be transported with love, dedication, perseverance and that in a mother’s heart only the miracle is possible “I think he is beautiful chatting away didn’t I tell you mister, since the beginning mister, he said he would get there”.

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