2014 Carnival


From Recife to Caxias

I went in search of happiness… I traveled
From Recife to Rio de Janeiro
Saw my crib and the whole world
Wonders I found
People with stories to tell
Wealth through the river to contemplate
The snakes with serpents to sing
Threw people from here to there
Check out the crab playing ball
Construction of utopia let’s see what will happen
Get the accordion, drag your feet
Because the Xaxado will begin
Arriving in Caxias a new place
Capybara call the rat as the party starts
There is cultural fair what a beautiful thing
No more garbage we need to recycle
The evolution train has arrived
The growth, achievement
I’m going to build my little house to live
I invite you to dance
There is Capoeira at moonlight
My snack today is cinema
Caxias is my place

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