2011 Carnival

... our tales ...

Holding hands with imagination
Our tales will meet you
In a chest full of memories
Pimpolhos comes to present
Coloring this life
I walk, according to the lesson
Playing I will win your heart
Corruption and unfulfilled promises
Affect our lives
Oh! Mother Nature
Everything we plant harvests
Don’t destroy this wealth
The planet needs to breath
Today… in the statute I have hope
I dream of a future where we are all the same
I am counting with your energy
Come sing with joy our Carnivals
1…. 2.... 3...., experience
Let’s have more awareness
And build social projects
The party of the good is going to start
Come and play to recycle
A world of love, peace and union
Pimpolhos is our passion

Development process of the 2011 Pimpolhos storyline in the Carnival School

The Pimpolhos Carnival for the year of 2011 is being developed from the memories; experiences, discussions, participation and exchange of a collective of people; residents of the Port Region, residents of Duque de Caxias, artists, teachers, educators, producers and children. After one month of introduction to carnival, the group split up into 3 specific abilities: Set design for the floats / Clothing and props for costumes / Wire modeling and props for costumes. Each group created a storyline inside the thematic of the memory and these storylines became a parade map with names for the aisles, floats and couples of Master of Ceremony and Flag Bearer Lady. These names were randomly distributed to the 30 participants, with luck, creativity and everyone`s participation, we built our storyline for 2011: … our tales… We’ve transformed the old parade format which was composed by sectors and isles in tales and characters. These tales will be staged in the presentation of the prototypes of the costumes for the 2011 Pimpolhos parade. In the Carnival School, we created the storyline and now we are in the process of confection of 10 costumes and 1 float created by the participants of the course. In July we will produce the tales in form of theater, the exposition of the process of creation, the video documentary of the project and the presentation event setting of the Carnival School. All of this process comes from each ones experience; allying culture, environmental conscious and social participation to the process of creation of the storyline, the costumes, the floats, the educational activities and cultural events that follow our carnival development. Every year Pimpolhos matures more their way of making carnival, looking to interact more and more with the children, never failing to propose ludic and educating storylines. The goal is to use the carnival storylines to pass on fun ideas, which make the child reflect on their attitudes, the environment, the school, the family, the politics and many other important things for their training as a citizen.

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