2010 Carnival

Recycle Life

Knowing the past and understanding the present to transform the future!

Oh! Mother Nature
With your finesse
Show the paths to follow
The Indian owned the land
Its charms and beauties… so much purity
The white men then arrived
With evil and ambition
Taking our wealth
Causing death and destruction
Today is recycling day
It was the Indian who thought how to preserve
Holding hands with conscious
Our lives will transform
And how will tomorrow be?
It’s time for reflection
I still have hope
To end this population
Let’s write a new story
Without violence, hunger and distinction
Stop to think for a minute
With peace, love and trust
The planet can get better
I am a child
I am the future and no one will hold me
I am Pimpolhos, community
Caxias in the avenue come samba!

“Recycle Life! Knowing the past and understanding the present to transform the future.”

Pimpolhos in the 2010 carnival, once again will take to the avenue an educative theme. Following the same intent of the past years, Pimpolhos aims to promote reflection through the Youth Carnival and transform their costumes and allegories into important messages to be debated inside and outside the Marquês de Sapucaí.
The storyline addresses two central points of view: how our humanity has been behaving in the past and in the present and reinforces the importance of attitude to transform each person’s life and the future of the planet. The first sector talks about the past showing the habits of the pre-Columbian civilizations that populated the Americas before the arrival of the colonizers. The second sector talks about the present of humanity, giving focus to a disposable society who lives from immediate habits and that puts consumption above essential issues for life on earth. Already the third sector comes talking about a future that can be transformed with attitudes, with conscious, talk about values and respect for life, that all this technology is useless if the human beings do not have the conscious to use it for the benefit of all.

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