2007 Carnival

Come on Over Future!

Composers: Sandro Henrique / Leko Morais / Thiago Britto

It's me It's me...
Mister future talking about changes
The man has to change
Live in education
Come with me now is the time
Recycle the world
Land of wealth, nature preserve.
The strength of good, in one union
Trash is wealth, preservation
Coloring life, in equality
Let’s plant, harvest happiness. (bis)
A happy child is in school
Renewing knowledge
Time builds the future
Don’t stay in front of the TV
Let us value, love and respect ourselves
With a pinch of happiness
Use your imagination jokingly
Turning it into wisdom.
I will sing…
I am a child, I will open my heart.
Pimpolhos is my pride
The future is in my hands. (bis)

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