2006 Carnival

1, 2, 3 Experience

Authors: Douglas do Pulo, Flávio Ignez, Rafale Poesia and Gigi do Gato

Come, i will travel with you
Through the solar system
Now Pimpolhos will sing
The dream of men has come true
With its intelligence made it fly
Taking the 14-bis up in the air
The airplane pride of a great Brazilian
In the war made his creator cry
But in space, the dance of the starts will not end
Civilization has been modernized, machines created
New forms of energy have emerged
The so called evolution, brought pollution
The man has to love
Think and have awareness (BIS)
Let’s preserve
1, 2, 3 get into this experience
Land in sight!
Conquest of the immensity
Explore the oceans
And take destruction
Three heroes
Fought against the “DESTROYER MONSTER”
To be happy come and play with Pimpolhos
I am watching, here I am (BIS)
With a smile of a child I go shaking in Sapucaí

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