Carnival 2005

From the Bottom of the Heart

Authors: Leandro, Bruno Formigão, Guma do Cavaco

Travel the world I will
I am just asking for a little more love
Friendship, affection and dedication
Will pulse strongly from the bottom of the heart
I will love and disarm, I wish happiness
With understanding and compassion
I meet solidarity
Preserve nature, I will
The woods I will respect (BIS)
From the hands of the agricultures of hope
I will taste the seasons of the Baianas
The future will arrive
Without discriminating race or religion
Well-fed light bulbs
With satisfaction forms a new generation
No more war and work
No more juggling at the street lights
I want toys and games
Today I dance for peace
I want to love, have fun
With emotion in the heart (BIS)
With Pimpolhos I will go
Clapping my hands

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