Carnival School

Platform of Development, Research and Production of Carnival

Carnival is a spectacle that every year colors the streets of our country. There are thousands of professionals involved, that work all year long in a process of intense creation and production to take to the Avenue breathtaking costumes and allegories.

In this context, and having the need to develop artistic and educational programs for training in areas of management, creation and production of their parades, Pimpolhos created, in 2005, the Samba School platform: a place for education, research, reflection, production and enhancement of the culture of carnival in Brazil.

The intention of the Carnival Schools is the contact with various means of art and different cultures, turning the shed and square into an interactive space and exchange of ideas. They are offered courses, workshops, visitation to expositions and cultural spaces, exchanges with carnival professionals and the entertainment market, connections with learning institutions and other activities to enrich the repertoire of those involved in the project. Beyond that, scholarships are also offered in several courses for the participants.

In the last years more than 1.000 people passed through the Carnival School, and today, many generate income through participation in artistic productions inside and out of this traditional party. Besides graduating professionals, our aim is to train citizens and develop the critical sense through art, stimulate the collective and collaborative work, work on community self-esteem and make them look at its history.

Welcome to our space for research, execution and enhancement of carnival.

Here we stimulate the collective and collaborative work. Cheers to exchanging ideas!

Beyond graduating a professional, we want to train a citizen and develop its critical sense through art.



Courses and Workshops


Scholarship Program

  • 12
    years of project
  • 1000+
  • Participants: Youth and Adults from 15 to 65 years old
  • Classes with professionals of the Carnival market
  • Various partnerships with companies and institutions already held
  • Scholarships for participants