Carnival Experience

Welcome to the Rio Carnival backstage!

We invite you to an unforgettable experience backstage of the Rio Carnival. A time travel through the historic streets of Little Africa, which hides the secrets of this party!

The Rio Carnival is one of the biggest events of the city; it attracts people from all of the corners of Brazil and the world to get a taste of this passion. In Rio, there are over 90 samba schools, of which more than 100.000 components participate. There are thousands of professionals involved, which work all year long to make this party happen: musicians, choreographers, dancers, craftsmen, Samba Masters and producers.

Now, the backstage of the most popular and fascinating spectacle of Brazil is available to you!

  • Learn our history and carnival roots
  • Get to know the carnival factory and see up close the production of this spectacle
  • Try out costumes, get into the party mood!
  • Watch shows and be part of them
  • Participate in our workshops of dance, percussion, props and much more!
  • Available all year long!

A range of possibilities for you


Tours through the City of Samba, Grande Rio Headquarter and Little Africa (Port Region).


Dance, percussion and costume workshop. To put your hands at work!

Mix Tour

Combine Tours, Workshops and Folia to create your personalized Carnival mix!


Customized events, dressing room on wheels and youth parade. It is pure joy!


A variety of shows for you: Pocket show, complete show!

Dressing-up, Dancing, Singing and Drumming

The Youth Samba School “Pimpolhos of Grande Rio” presents the carnival arts through a creative program focused on socioeconomic sustainability. This is Carnival Experience – which serves, throughout the year, visiting touristsof Rio de Janeiro.

In the Samba School “Grande Rio”, 70% of the fixed components graduated from Pimpolhos. The Carnival Experience project contributes to train more and more professionals in production, dance, music, visual arts, beauty and foreign languages.

Four thousand components parade professionally in the Special Group for “Grande Rio”. The “Pimpolhos”, which is the school's child-juvenile arm, takes to the Sambódromo 1,000 kids and their families. These parades, with Carnival Experience, become a laboratory of education and citizenship.

Carnival Experience –a powerful tool of social inclusion! It is the future Brazilian Carnival in which you are part of: dressing-up, dancing, singing and drumming.

Luiz Carlos Prestes Filho
Carnival Economy Specialist

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